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tv   Headline News  RT  May 28, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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russia says it will go ahead and the liver air defense systems to syria calling it a counterbalance to any foreign interference after the e.u. arms embargo expires on friday. britain's home secretary seeks more surveillance powers for m i five after it's confirmed the intelligence agency had enough information to prevent the allied slaughter of a british soldier. brutal vigilante executions are spreading in egypt as security worsened citizens are being encouraged to turn over alleged criminals but mobs are dishing out their own deadly justice.
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seven pm in the russian capital you're watching r t on marina joshie welcome to the program how the doors to the european weapons sales to the syrian rebels will open on friday when the e.u. arms embargo on the country expires a push led by britain and france man the union failed to agree on extending the sanctions some european countries are now sounding the alarm over the prospect of weapons falling into the hands of islamic extremist as a real reports. you can say that it was the wind for france and the u.k. have been pushing for a lifting of the arms embargo on syria all along you have to know that at the same time all other sanctions particularly the economic ones remain in place and that means that every individual european state will have to decide whether or not they want to proceed with this shipment of arms to syria who have a hague over it he said lifting of the arms embargo is the only way to end the crisis which has been gripping syria hard for more than two years at this point having said that we have to remember that even the most of the e.u.
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countries there's a strong disagreement on whether or not it is actually a good idea to lift the arms embargo of sentries like sweden netherlands and the czech republic belief that allowing weapons shipments to syria to the syrian rebels will only intensify the bloodshed in the country certainly concerned about where exactly those arms are going to end up then are they actually going to be in the arms of the so-called moderate opposition or will those weapons end up in the hands of some of the rebel groups who are being supported by al qaida terrorists who are known to operate in syria ironically well while the e.u. foreign ministers were meeting in brussels the russian foreign minister as well as the u.s. secretary of state were meeting here in paris and their efforts were directed at a peaceful resolution of the conflict john kerry and sergey lavrov have agreed that they will exert pressure on different sides of the conflict that is moscow will work with the syrian government whereas the u.s. will try and make sure that the syrian opposition also attends the geneva peace
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conference which is due to take place sometime next month course even though the peace conference efforts are continuing we have to understand that this lifting off the ban on arms embargo to syria is opening an entirely new phase in the syrian conflict it could be spelling out a potential disaster which will only intensify further bloodshed in syria russia has slammed the e.u.'s decision to drop here you know arms embargo is counterproductive towards finding a diplomatic solution moscow's has or will continue to supply air defense missiles to damascus calling it out ballons designed to deter foreign intervention in syria or to shun thomas explained the details to me earlier. the first thing you have to understand is that these are all the existing contracts that were signed before the syrian conflict even began so in some ways russia is obligated to fulfill these contracts so that's the one way of looking at it but it is interesting the timing today in the wake of the e.u.
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allowing this arms embargo to expire this paves the way for different countries to individually start arming the rebels so the foreign ministry and the russian president's office they have expressed their disappointment in this to senators saying that it undermines the international peace process something that they've been working very hard for in fact this week lavrov and kerry meeting to try and get something going on that side of things we know that peace conference will be taking place later indeed and what russia is saying is that this move by the e.u. is a double standard policy which directly affects the prospect of having an international peace conference on the topic of syria so the timing is very interesting but the bottom line is that these are all contracts existing contracts for a defensive weapon for the assad regime ok now another question here is can the rushes defense systems be used to influence events on the ground in syria the short answer is no but obviously it's a little bit more complicated to them that the s three hundred is an air defensive
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weapon and it is it cannot be used in ground to ground combat it can't be used against the the rebel forces if you will it's a specifically designed for air combat now russia is using this as an opportunity to reiterate that point something that they've been saying all along now the controversy of course is the international community looks at this as russia is siding with the assad regime they're arming assad this is not the case as we mentioned before this is these are old contracts yes the like erion they have to carry out but the thing of it is is that these are defensive weapons and russia says that this is specifically even a stabilizing factor because what it does is it profound its hothead regimes other countries foreign forces from getting involved. well fear or seven outbreak of killings in syria fresh arms supplies reach the rebels are based on what's been happening in the conflict zone in the past two years syrian activists have been monitoring surges and violence and time and again they've been tightened influx of
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arms from abroad according to these figures were charity a later this month i should say earlier this month casualties rose sharply after the first shipments from qatar reportedly arrived in twenty twelve and the sharpest increase came when more advanced arms were allegedly delivered a few months later journalist and broadcaster neil clark says europe could end up paying the price in blood for supporting the rebels. they're hell bent on wanting the one thing alone against the violent overthrow of president assad and the but in syria they don't want peace we've had ample opportunity for peace in the last two and every time rebel groups have stated they might want to negotiate the us will help them back so it's very important to understand that what they want is regime change they don't want peace and i think that will be a massive blow that published because there is no doubt in terms of the same shoulder to be written in france and more weapons into the syrian army will end up
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in the hands of groups yet another iraq al qaeda affiliate groups i mean it will come back to be used against british citizens in group perhaps and across the world and so you know we've we've got a real problem if you got a pretty conservative government that's actually lining up on the same side as al qaeda and islamic extremists in syria just a few days after they wreak terror attack in london when every soldier was killed by it in radical islamists and so people ought to wake up to the fact that the british government is actually siding with these radical groups are afraid of our he's got the latest update on syria both on air and online our web site has more stories and alpha's of the complex including how or another journalists have been killed while reporting from the front lines a prominent program correspondent was gunned down by a sniper while covering clashes near the lebanese border the details in our online r.t. dot com. hundreds
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of foreign protesters rallied in london on monday after the cold blooded murder of a soldier last week ten people have been arrested in connection with the case and a new task force has been set up to focus on radical preachers meanwhile the home secretary is demanding extra powers for a lawyer for some agencies that he tells are now from marty's point boy called here . the first time the home secretary to reason may propose the data and communications bill it came under so much criticism from civil liberties groups and even the deputy prime minister that the government had to scrap plans for its implementation but after the killing of an off duty soldier in south london last wednesday it looks like the so-called snooping. is back in the spotlight paying
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secretary to resign may says it's essential that police are granted the power as access data communications in order to tackle terrorism that means being able to view citizens skype histories web browsing and e-mail histories whether or not such a law would have prevented the killing of lee rigby is up for debate both suspects were already known to intelligence agencies for their extremist views but would both deemed safe enough to continue their activities one of the suspects michael odds of a large reportedly handed out extremist literature on the streets of london and was even arrested in kenya back in two thousand and ten for trying to travel to somalia in order to train as a terrorist at the same time the home secretary to reason may says that police needs to be given the tools they need in order to fight terrorism but considering that british intelligence had all that information about the willage suspects
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already many here are questioning why the home office didn't just use the tools they already had. seen london. now reports say one of the suspects in the brutal killing was considered a low risk by m i five despite numerous warning signs dating back as far as two thousand and three investigative journalist tony also says these revelations raise only more questions about the fish and sea of british intelligence. how did these guys who were right at the very top of the terror watch list their x l maturing people how on earth did they not get spotted preparing for some kind of terror act or what was the car bugged for example this is one question that hasn't been answered m i five are gone very quiet on all these kinds of topics they've got something like four thousand staff m i five and if they can keep an eye on the people who are very top of the watch list then there needs to be a real shake up the over some of the security services really needs to be looked at there isn't any proper oversight and what these intelligence services seem to do
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every time is to hide behind the veil of national security we can't tell you what's going on even the inquiry that's been instituted into the failures of what happened last wednesday is going to be kept entirely secret and i'm afraid it's time for them to come out from under their shells and get a proper looking at so that this kind of thing really can't happen again and they're not going to play this game could assure you of saying we need more money we need more power and we need more surveillance of the general population because that all of the laws they needed to stop these people doing what they did last wednesday you don't need any more power whatsoever preparations are in full swing as the clock counts down for the latest space launch from the steps of kazakstan the next mission to the international space station will be bound for the orbiting complex tonight are these words that she looks ahead in a few minutes plus we'll bring you the launch live here in r.t. later on. also we'll report on the alarming rise of
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ledge mobs in egypt carrying out what they deem to be justice. world. science technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. download the official application to yourself choose your language stream quality
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and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device if you could watch your t.v. any time anyway. welcome back this is our team mobs killing alleged criminals are spreading across egypt fueled by unemployment and a chronic security vacuum although officials ask citizens to apprehend lawbreakers and hand them over angry crowds are instead taking matters into their own hands true examines the country's surging crime rate. an angry crowd viciously drugs a young man through a street sets his corpse on fire and strings that are video clips like these have become boringly frequent in rule egypt since the revolution two years ago as
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citizens increasingly take justice into their own hands arms stubbornly son moustapha a thirty one year old civil servant from the nile delta is one such victim he was brutally murdered and hung from a tree in broad daylight. the crowd thought that he was a thief because he's mentally ill the first blow came from behind on the back of his head and then part of his skull was hacked off the second here it was to his chest and they caught him open. i'm sorry story is not unique since the two thousand and eleven revolution have been at least seventeen similar lynchings in this region alone the most high profile victim who was killed last week was the son of a leading member of the missing brotherhood's political party security forces for their part say they are able to control the situation particularly when entire villages are involved in these big mobs rights advocates like karim and nora say they lynchings which are on the rise are symptomatic of the state's continued failure to
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provide security and justice. increasing cases of lynching and communal violence in people taking just isn't on and but always a very visible sign of just increasing lack of face into. his level face into the criminal justice system and obviously people in egypt have always had a negative inviting relationship with the police and. good relationship with as they should be but that has even become worse after the revolution officials from the ruling freedom and justice party and the police admit that the authorities are reluctant to confront suspected mob killer is fear of backlash however local party leader ahmed shah hearts who personally knew one of the victims maintained security is improving post revolution egypt has experienced one of the best revolutions in history the country's being healed very quickly we're almost in a stable situation there will be security we have a plan for the economy and security breach of this is
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a little consolation for the families of victims like sabri who have seen no justice. the local security chief said just give me one the rest in twenty four hours now was darfur has been dead for fifty days and security director has done nothing. against the backdrop of escalating civil unrest off the revolution many fear this violence is here to stay and that the worst could be yet to come. both true for our show came. down top of growing vigilante action so there are also the constant protest against the leadership of president morsi and his muslim brotherhood party blogger and anti-government activists while iskandar thinks egyptian faces severe economic and social decline is the ruling elite obsesses over maintaining power. the great danger right now is that no reforms are done the greatest danger for egypt is the collapse of the economy and you know the the
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people revolting and the government not being able to sustain the rule the society needs to be based on justice in whatever form it takes where the resources are given to those who need it rather than the elite we have we have a horrible social security in that if you don't want political unrest you have to feed people you have to give them shelter you have to solve their problems. this is not been the case for the muslim brotherhood they are just sort of defying their rule and they're not sharing power with anyone if they focused more about solving the problems collectively in egypt together with all the parties involved they would have a bigger chance but at the moment they're just trying to monopolize power. so what we need to do really is just focus on the real problems and get everyone together to work on them whether they're economic or political. i mean the is rape
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scandals are seeing authorities climb down on provocative window displays mumbai michel's are banning the cans dressed only in underwear to rid the male population of impure thoughts while we report on line. to crave that can take the strain and watch the footage of the lucky escape for the residents in these apartments it's in our you tube channel. it's. easy. now europe's running out of skilled engineers and some of the confidence leading
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manufacturers say that's forcing them to move their research and development to asia they say it's one of many ramifications from the long lasting economic crisis which is only set to deepen in the coming years as our celia has a story. manufacturers and industrialists have been voicing their concerns sounding the alarm over what they say is a locker shortage of skilled talent here in europe now this does add another layer to the story of employment or lack thereof here in the bois as the economic crisis continues and then in an interview would be a financial times the c.e.o. of siemens europe's largest engineering group had said of this problem is particularly acute in contrie like germany and in turn this affects their competitiveness which forces them to move substantial parts of their research and development to countries like china and india and all of this is being said as the block is facing record unemployment or we spoke with a research fellow from the eggman institute to give us a bit more insight into what is happening here in europe. has sold to do with the
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current crisis is the fact that. the industry in europe is receding but it is a long term trend in terms of losing market shares in many countries so just to confirm that the almost twenty seven million i thought if i'm not mistaken unemployed in europe it's still hard to find at least five hundred thousand engineers that they're saying now and i think that the skill mismatch as we can call it is a concern but it's only a very a part of the problems in southern europe you also have the the cost and price competitiveness of these countries you have the question of the mix of what you produce what you can export but certainly yes. skill mismatch is still so rightly pointed out thank you very much for that well if you just look at the industrial production numbers are right now in the e.u. with still more than the ten percent below its pre-crisis high in two thousand and eight but again europe's competitiveness comes to the forefront even more as
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leaders are still struggling to find a sustainable growth a process out of this economic crisis that are in reporting from brussels and tesser cilia over the next hour on our team because a report on the tales told to the public by. the head of the u.s. federal reserve and whether his claims about the financial crisis ring true stay with us ben bernanke. crack theory on thirty four guys on wall street it looks ok it looks like it's going to be a successful policy but in fact it's a faulty policy so just like the inconclusive. report tars having to do with the nonexistent crack baby problem going back to the eighty's where they use a very small sample to build a case of a huge problem you're saying that the very few people who actually benefit from quantitative easing the wall street bankers the hedge fund etc who are the first to get that money and then speculate and then profit from it and that money never makes it into general circulation and never goes into the real economy wages are
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down employment is down unemployment is up food stamps are up so they're i guess the economy is suffering horribly because but all very few people are benefiting so see n.b.c. for example or bloomberg they show those thirty or forty people benefiting from the crack baby schemes of ben bernanke the and then they build this picture of this this montage of rope power tars that is giving a false picture raj that is all very interesting in terms of the propaganda content we see. and a round up of other world news now terrorism's taken more lives in the iraqi capital at least five people died many more wounded when a bomb exploded in a minibus traveling through a shia district in eastern baghdad it's a day after a series of similar attacks across the city killed more than seventy people highlighting iraq's deteriorating security where deadly bombings happen almost
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daily sectarian violence has been on the rise since the u.s. withdrew its troops in the late twenty. the world health organization has a span of this polio vaccination campaign in pakistan's northwestern city of peshawar it's after one health worker was killed and another left critically ill after they were shot while vaccinating people the taliban has long opposed the u.n. backed antipolo your drive in pakistan calling it a western plot to sterilize muslims pakistan is one of only three countries were poorly remains in damage. across the border in afghanistan's rest of province of kandahar seven policemen have been murdered by former colleagues two officers had defected to the taliban months ago but have recently rejoined the government force they were accepted back as their fellow officers fell asleep to open fire and kill the group on attacks on afghan and nato forces are common with the insurgents violent campaign to win back power over the
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stable country. emergency crews are struggling to contain a fast moving wildfire in southern california the flames broke out monday afternoon and have quickly spread to over four hundred have to reserve land with winds of up to thirty two kilometers per hour thousands of people have been evacuated from the area including dozens of residents whose homes are under threat by the blaze now it's almost time for the next scheduled crew swap at the international space station and a few hours or so these rocket will blessed off from by going to or in castle stan taking with it and international team who are now making their final preparations are just words to shay's their. we're not that far off from the russian soyuz of blasting a traditional three man crew up to the i assess you to be led by the russian commander your chief backed up by the american ash. second time to the i assess
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but new look up in the european space agency his first time to the orbiting space but he's got at least two spacewalks to do one to try and repair a camera on japan's keep but also to try and repair the i assess for the hopeful soon arrival of russians and the multipurpose laboratory module as well now our karen nyberg the american astronaut her second time to the i assess to spend six months or so away from her husband and a little three year old boy as well but not to worry they'll be having what they call daily internet protocol phone calls so she can chat with her family and once we do a live video conference call so the blast off is twenty thirty g.m.t. on tuesday that will actually be a two thirty am launch on the wednesday from baikonur with a dark sky the late night launch it should be a good backdrop for such a launch indeed and only for orbits after launch for orbits around planet earth than a six hour flight to the i assess to meet the remaining three members of expedition
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thirty six that have been on the i assess for quite some time at a height of three hundred twenty kilometers above our heads a speed of nearly twenty eight thousand kilometers per hour it's going to be a wild ride an incredible view as well do join us here on r.t. the live broadcast with me rule re sushi at twenty thirty g.m.t. on tuesday reporting here from baikonur kazakstan hope to see you. and we'll be bringing you that live a little later in the program in the meantime the unusual story of the saudi jazz musicians return terrorist. a u.s. senate committee has passed a bill that if signed by obama will love the u.s.
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to put a lot of weapons into the hands of syrian rebels the seems rather odd because many of the factions that are revolting seem like bad people to be arming in fact one rebel faction al nasra which according to the guardian is an islamist organization with links to al qaeda is quickly becoming the most powerful rebel faction of all of them the b.b.c. even declared that al nasra has been designated as a terrorist or to. itself has it started sounding like a bad idea to ship weapons into syria on american taxpayers' dollars yet let's just pretend that somehow all these weapons will magically not fall into the hands of al nasra while the free syrian army isn't much better they seem perfectly happy to use rape and beheadings and genocide against christian alawite minorities with great glee to get what they want arming radical groups always has blowback if you remember back to just the one nine hundred eighty s. the us funded and armed the taliban and those mujahideen fighter guys and look how that turned out the us government seems way too eager to arm radical foreigners and
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disarm average americans when they should be doing the exact opposite but that's just my opinion. from here. it's flight crew reported to ground control of the aircraft had been hijacked. terrorists were demanding a diversion to london. the events that followed the plane's emergency landing close to the finish became a nightmare for its passengers. people
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were lying here. most were on conscious and many had severe injuries. plane had been hijacked by a family of eleven. the children played together in a jazz band and together they planned. children died in an assault on the captured plane having first killed their own mother. my elder brother shot my mum before my eyes how could he commit such a sin. how did they smuggle explosives and weapons aboard what turned musicians into terrorists many new details of the case have only now come to light twenty five years after the tragedy.


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